Weekly News Round Up

Posted by Jenn Theone on August 25 2017

The last week of August means the last week of tech news from The Coop, but don't stagnate, integrations, innovations, and leaps forward will continue to splash the industry. Next month, anticipate the happenings related to the Truth In Lending Act.

  • Maxwell is a nifty, collaborative mortgage platform for lenders, borrowers and realtors to share. The software automates processes, secures data and speeds up the home-buying experience by 40%.
  • Floify, a mortgage origination software, continues to integrate with leading software. They have just become a full blown CRM with the help of MLO Shift.
  • Optimal Blue has yet again been chosen to provide their compliant, real time pricing and product information. This time by Vantage Production, a content provider and sales and marketing software for the industry.
  • The country's expectations on mortgage rates within the Trump Administration haven't been met. Instead, they've fluctuated moderately.
  • Mason-McDuffie Mortgage is strengthening their social selling techniques, with the lead strategist being their CIO, Jason Frazier, who just founded The Real Estate CIO.
  • 30-year fixed mortgage rates continue to fall and reach an all time low in the past nine months.

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