WOW, this borrower study will shock you...

Posted by Sawyer Jones on July 05, 2019

Come take a journey with us into a study that may cause you to literally arch your eyebrows and exhale sharply. Our CE is here, and we cover all the State and Federal requirements. 

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What Do You Hear?

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on May 23, 2018
Ken weighs in on the Laurel vs. Yanny debate, and how video can be a powerful tool for your business!
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Episode 5: JUMBO [VIDEO]

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on October 30, 2017
Sometimes a loan just doesn't fit conventional lending standards. Those are called Jumbo loans. Let's talk about those!
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Episode 4: ARMs [VIDEO]

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on October 24, 2017

The Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARMs) are not a bad product. But they are not the RIGHT product for many. Before you sell it, and before you buy it, you need to get all the information you can. One great place to start is the ARM Handbook.

See you...

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Episode 3: USDA [VIDEO]

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on October 16, 2017

The USDA Loan is amazing for the right borrower in the right areas. There are restrictions and qualification so the professional LO will know how to properly qualify these borrowers for this loan. If you're interested in more information about...

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Episode 2: VA - Serving Those Who Served [VIDEO]

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on October 09, 2017

The VA loan is a powerful and amazing product for veterans of the United States Military. There is a lot to know to professionally write these loans, and a lot to know if you are an eligible veteran. Make sure you read up, ask lots of questions, and...

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What you may not know about TILA and APR

Posted by Sawyer Jones on September 19, 2017

The Origins of TILA

The Federal Reserve Board originally had had the authority to implement the Truth in Lending Act "TILA", but this passed to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in 2011 in the wake of the Dodd-Frank Act. Regulation Z...

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