The CFPB Lost...What's Next?

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on October 13, 2016

So the CFPB lost the decision in the Court of Appeals PHH vs. CFPB...

What does that mean to you, me, and our industry?  Not much today actually, but remember that one small change on course today can mean a completely different destination in...

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Facebook Live - To Be or Not To Be

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on October 05, 2016

 Facebook live is an amazing tool giving the opportunity to promte and educate a wide audience for free.  But there can be negative reprecussion, especially in the realm of compliance.  

So how do we handle this new frontier?  Here's a couple...

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Takeaways from the Wells Fargo Case

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on September 28, 2016

 Take a look at this video: 

1. We don't think the CFPB is going anywhere

2. Wall Street Journal article

3. Will depository bank LO's finally be required to complete the same training, licensing, and CE that the brokerage/wholesale community...

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