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Posted by Jenn Theone on September 22 2017

Is it political in here? This week has been dominated by news of Washington. The MBA has been pedaling hard down several avenues with multiple agendas in hand. Their efforts reached a minor summit this week with the their annual Reguatlory Compliance conference in DC.

  • The FHA did end up issuing a waiver of its policy that requires inspections in disaster areas not be completed until after FEMA issues a close date for the Incident Period. Unfortunately, the waiver was too late for Houston, but the MBA is pleased it waived it in time for Florida and will continue to lobby for a long-term solution to the issue.
    • Make sure you're brushed up on the 203(h) loan.
  • Get the mid-year report of MORPACs efforts in Washington. Issues like flood insurance, PACE legislation and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) are addressed with Congress by this political action committee
  • Also new from the FHA, Trump's pick for Commissioner.
  • CFPB 2.0, brought to you by, The Mortgage Bankers Association.
  • Mortgage applications are down almost 10%. Can you feel it?
  • Impac Wholesale opened up their qualifications with this one: The no-income, no-employment loan! 
  • Blend is leading the way in our industry's changing identity. Not only have they digitized the loan process for buyers and lenders, but they're a leading voice in inclusive financial servicing.
    • Psst. Blend gets it's name from blending better lending.
  • An opinion piece on the Equifax breach manages to lighten the mood, while keep it real depressing.

Ken came back from the MBA Regulatory conference hushing of his dinner with the CFPB. We think he's justs being dramatic.

Below on set is just a tame expression on the face of our VP of Content.  He is giddy over our new production series, coming in October ever Monday.


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