Regulator School

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on April 19, 2017

Ken has a special request for you today.  Could you please help provide feedback for State Regulators that Ken and Heather can share when they teach at the Regulator School in Kentucky next week?  What would you say?  What would you share? 

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Service as a Choice

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on April 12, 2017

HUD is removing some programs that we think are REALLY good! In fact we teach about them in the 8 Hour NMLS Approve CE class this year. So talk about being bummed by the news...but maybe there is some hope? Ken discusses a call to action and some...

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Special Announcement - Compliance Renewed

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on April 02, 2017


We are so excited for this next venture in our business relationships.  Congrats to Heather and the Knowledge Coop for this amazing partnership!  Here's what's going on.

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Is there a right way?

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on March 29, 2017


We have the pleasure to visit many clients throughout the year and get to know them better.  We've notices something that we think warrants a discussion.  I'll let Ken explain...

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Always Remember Why

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on March 22, 2017


Knowing Why you're doing something is very important. But below the Why there must be something deeper.

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Don't Throw Eggs Just Yet

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on March 15, 2017


Let's just dive into this...

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Don't Crash the Bus

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on March 08, 2017


Ken is on the road teaching the 8 Hour SAFE Comprehensive Live Continuing Education. Only a few classes down this year so far and we're already hearing some continuation of bad action out there. What will it take to change our ways? If you're a...

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14 Year Work-A-Versary!

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on March 02, 2017


14 years today!  That's how long Ken has been training professionals in the mortgage industry.  And the experience has been a dream come true, according to Ken.  We all wouldn't be here, doing this amazing work, without your support and...

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Essentialism and Business Growth

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on February 22, 2017


How do you prepare to hire people for your team?  How does your team handle ideas and dreams?  Do you have a system that keeps you focused and honed in on the future? 

Ken shares some of the things he is learning about running and growing a...

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The RESPA Storm is Brewing

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on February 08, 2017

The recent CFPB enforcement action has a lot of professionals in Lending and Real Estate asking a lot of questions.  

This last week we were asked many questions about Zillow and given opinions on how to calculate 'fair' and such.  We bring you...

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