How Do You Cover a Black Hole

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on May 02 2018
Since 2015 the release of the TILA-RESPA rule answered a lot of questions, but also created more, and even created the ever theorized "Black Hole."  But instead of a high density heavenly body, this black hole was a weird undefined frame work of time where fees could be changed and communicated prior to closing (and so much more). 
So without further ado, here is a short recap.  For the longer explanation training video scroll down the page where you can also find links to the rule, press release, and more. 

So there is a quick hit overview.  There is a 65 page write up on this rule along with a press release you can read here: 

Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Finalizes Amendment to "Know Before You Owe" Mortgage Disclosure Rule

Federal Mortgage Disclosure Requirements under the Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z)

As promised, here is a longer explanation/training video where we go into some more detail, some cover on the comments about the 4 Day Window, and the resolution: 

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