August Coop Challenge- Create Free Space On Your Calendar

Posted by Kristin Sullivan on August 10 2017


This month our focus is on technology. We love tech here at The Knowledge Coop so for us, sharing it with you is exciting and fun. As amazing as new tech can be, we would be remiss if we didn’t look at how tech impacts our life from all angles. Let’s face it, most of us rarely unplug. We carry our work, friends and stresses with us in our pocket wherever we go. No wonder so many of us are constantly frazzled. We no longer allow our brains the luxury of boredom.  Forbes magazine put out an article  a few years ago about how important it is to allow our brains the freedom to do nothing. I agree wholeheartedly. Our brains need a break so that they can create and dream of new ideas, if nothing else they need a break to function at the capacity we demand.

With that in mind, knowing we were going to be talking about technology this month, we decided to focus our weekly challenges towards making a focused effort to let our brains go free. Hopefully you will join us in trying these challenges out. Maybe you’ll come up with a million-dollar idea, or maybe you’ll just do amazing at your day to day. Either way it is worth a try.

For week one, we are challenging you to create free space on your calendar every day for a week.  I know this sounds crazy, you’re too busy to have five minutes free, let alone 20 mins but hear me out.

What if that 20 mins of free time increased your day to day productivity by 45%. That’s the going theory being thrown around by scientists, so why not try it? Find a time on your calendar every day for the next week where you schedule nothing. Turn off your ringer, silence tour desktop notifications and just be. Let your brain wander wherever it wants to go. I found that I was able to think of solutions to problems that had seemed unsolvable earlier in the week by just letting my mind do what it does best, float free and clear.

Try it out and let us know how it worked for you.



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