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Deep Fakes and Mortgage Red Flags

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on July 10 2019

Every so often we come across a mortgage compliance topic that seems to be flying under the radar.  Or the web crawlers.  And we understand why.  A lot of times there is SO MUCH compliance out there that we just don't hear about these outside threats.  

Ken and Nathan sit down and bring some more awareness to the issues at hand with the Deep Fakes and how we think that will affect the Mortgage Industry.  

Hope you found that informative and helpful.  If you still need to get your 2019 CE that Ken and Nathan mentioned follow this link to get all the Online CE you need: https://www.knowledgecoop.com/deepfakes

(Oh, and if you liked this style of video then you'll like our online CE because it looks JUST THE SAME).


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