Episode 2: VA - Serving Those Who Served [VIDEO]

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on October 09 2017

The VA loan is a powerful and amazing product for veterans of the United States Military.  There is a lot to know to professionally write these loans, and a lot to know if you are an eligible veteran.  Make sure you read up, ask lots of questions, and know that a VA loan is a great loan for great men and women who have served us well. https://www.benefits.va.gov/homeloans/

NOTE: in the video I say that there can only be 1 VA Loan at a time.  Commonly that is true, but technically there are exception.  Primariy it depends on how much elligibility the veteran has remaining while in their current VA home.  Here's the quote from the website: 

Remaining Entitlement

Veterans who had a VA loan before may still have "remaining entitlement" to use for another VA loan. Most lenders require that a combination of the guaranty entitlement and any cash down payment must equal at least 25 percent of the reasonable value or sales price of the property, whichever is less. Thus, for example, $23,500 remaining entitlement would probably meet a lender's minimum guaranty requirement for a no-down payment loan to buy a property valued at and selling for $94,000. You could also combine a down payment with the remaining entitlement for a larger loan amount.


If you look below on this page we've also embedded an interview Ken did with Kelly Greenwald, a consumate VA Loan professional, and discuss some ins and outs of the VA loans. 

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