How Technology is Improving Your CE Experience

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on August 08 2017

Surprise! We absolutely care about how you experience your continuing education. We care because it is at the core of our being to train and teach. Bad CE is inexcusable and should not be tolerated by anyone. So we embrace all the ways we can bring new and exciting (yes, we think it is exciting) CE to you every year. More often than not this new technology is improving your CE experience and you may not even know it.

Portability of Training

Have you found yourself wondering why Online CE is not promoted to be taken on mobile devices? If you haven’t don’t worry because we do. We are looking into it and have discussed it with the NMLS. In large part because we know that it is happening and would like to promote it. The rub is that many state regulators do not want it to happen. In a sense, that's understandable as they want you to learn about state law, recognize the impact of your actions on your community and industry, and retain the knowledge. It’s probably less likely that you will retain the information you’re receiving if you’re taking the training while on the treadmill.

So when we say "Portability of Training", we are thinking about it differently. Did you know that many of the videos for our 2017 CE selections were actually filmed using a iPhone 6s Plus? We can take our cameras everywhere and shoot video anywhere. This makes bringing updated and unique training to you from wherever (and whenever) we are a distinct possibility. When was the last time you took your online CE from the foot of the St. Louis Arch? Well if you’re licensed in Minnesota and took your state specific training from us then that is exactly what you got this year.


Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 12.01.16 PM

(There is Ken and the Senate Banking Committee hearing on Wells Fargo, behind and to the left of the woman in white)

Continuity of Content

Believe it or not, the ability to always travel with our digital brains means that we are able to produce top level content no matter where we are. You may be thinking that I already said that above, but what I’m referencing is the ability to attend current events and shoot an update that may or may not have impact on your CE, but that we think you need to know right now. I mean it is “continuing” education right? They don’t actually call it annual education.

This is how our 8 Hour NMLS Approved SAFE Act Comprehensive has actual photos that Ken took from within the Senate hearing on Wells Fargo. It’s how we are able to bring you a case study that has real world implications to your job today and not just recite an executive order or citation from yet another state. Technology improves your CE by allowing us to enhance the continuity of the content.

Yes, I am biased towards our training and CE. I do believe it is the very best, but I don’t say that without proof. Of all students polled this year 99.5% of them said they would HIGHLY recommend our training to a colleague or coworker. 100% of them said they would be back next year. Results like that don’t make us feel good, they actually scare us. They mean that we have to work harder year after year in order to exceed expectations and provide an amazing Continuing Education experience for our learners. And we do that through the adaptation of portable technology.



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