Recharging Ourselves, Not Our Devices.

Posted by Jenn Theone on August 04 2017

We are so committed to charging our devices, one might mistake it as food for the soul. Sure, the charging icon on our phone eases our minds and calms our nerves, but what about that real relaxation? Why don’t we think of recharging our minds and bodies like we do our devices?

Next time you plug your phone in, consider recharging yourself by adapting to one of the few tech-free zones we can create in our homes.


1. Morning Coffee

Chatting over coffee is one of life’s simpler pleasures. If you have company when you wake up in the morning, embrace it. If they’re present and willing, enjoy the day before it even begins, with easy conversation that slowly wakes you up.




2. Bubble Bath

This one may be cheating a bit, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear you’ve texted in the tub. This alone time should be about clearing your mind and not doing anything at all. Take this chance to let everyone in the house know that you will be unavailable from the time that bathroom door is shut to the time you come our steaming and refreshed.



3. The Bedroom

The bedroom is a sacred place that represents you. If you don’t yet find your room comforting, what might it be missing? Sometimes it just takes tidying up, but maybe it needs new lighting, house plants, or more decorations to remind yourself what you love and what you’re after in life. Whatever it might be, see your bedroom through your lens and not through the phone’s. Make a point to connect with your surroundings.



4. The Study

The study is a place where we take our more serious thoughts. Instead of dissecting google for information, gather a few select books and create that old-fashioned genius appeal. Bring in mood lighting, the smell of old pages and an impressive pen to take notes with.



5. The Common Areas

A helpful way to de-tech is to recognize what precedence we give our electronics. Are they front-and-center? Do phones charge on the kitchen counter? Do laptops sit on the sofa? To maximize the living room for living and the kitchen for food-inspired connection, make sure the electronics don’t steal the stage. Center the furniture around a coffee table and don’t mix baking with texting.

All of these suggestions lie inside our home, which means even the smallest detoxing efforts will take a conscious effort. Before you start, set expectations and determine your why. Maybe you’ll find that what you seek requires effort in a few other departments too.  But, don’t worry, we can keep the phone as the culprit.



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