Take time to plan

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on January 18, 2017

Ken and Anthony are returning from 2 days away where they took time to do the Annual Plan. Ken has some words of wisdom about that time and some encouragement for you to take time yourself. It's not easy, it's not cheap (speding time), but it's...

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Credit Reporting Companies Settle

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on January 13, 2017

We've all been bothered by it for a long time. And then sites like Free Credit Report.com are hammered on and we feel better, but we still know there are bad actors. Well now we get a little piece of mind with this latest action. Ken shares his...

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Recruiting Challenge

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on January 04, 2017

In his best selling breakout Good to Great, Jim Collins wrote about busses, seats, and people in those seats. He put into analogy a concept that the best companies have practiced all along, but made the concept easy to understand and share with...

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It's beginning to look a lot like...the New Year!

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on December 14, 2016

We are a training and compliance company at heart. Everything we do is focused at making sure our clients and friends understand how much we can and how much we want them to succeed safely and ethically. That's why we train on Mortgage Compliance...

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