The LO Down on Changes of Circumstance

Posted by Sawyer Jones on February 21, 2020

We've all been there. You say "Pre-Qualified", and the borrower hears "Qualified". Sometimes borrowers don't heed your advice, and well...

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3 Easy Steps to Do 66,000 Pushups in 2018

Posted by Jenn Theone on December 27, 2017

We can do anything when we're motivated and have a plan.

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“Getting Out of the Box” and Joining the Customer [VIDEO]

Posted by Jenn Theone on December 20, 2017

Every time Ken’s off to travel, he has several customer service exchanges that offer mini-case studies in business. This week an exchange made Ken ask:

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Politics and Mortgage // Decisions Today Affecting Tomorrow

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on November 30, 2016

As we watch closely, there are decisions being made today that may affect our industry tomorrow.  How will our industry change with the changes coming in the political realms?  Here are some thoughts and a challenge for you today. 

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Car Rentals and Customer Service

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on November 16, 2016

We've all had the customer service that was just AMAZING.  We've all had the other customer service.  What can we learn about our own business by renting cars?  Well Ken talks mortgages and cars, but you've got to watch it to get it.

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