Compliance Training Sucks

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on May 24, 2017

Look, we said it.  Most Compliance training really is painful.  We get it, we hear about it, but we believe it doesn't have to be that way.  There are some very specific questions that MLOs, Ops, Execs, and Compliance managers have to ask...

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Zillow and RESPA Part 2: The Details

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on May 18, 2017

Okay, maybe you did know these things about RESPA, but apparently Zillow didn't.  We've created this vdieo for you to share with your professional contacts and people in the industry that need a primer on RESPA.  

Mortgage lending can be hard,...

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Zillow is Facing Enforcement

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on May 13, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: The CFPB is investigating Zillow over alleged RESPA violations!!!! For more background on what we've been talking about with Zillow and RESPA: link to the...

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Are Refinances Really Gone?

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on May 10, 2017

We are hearing a lot of rumbling about refinances being gone and the only new loans being done will be in purchases.  We hear it at MBA conferences, we hear it from other news sources, and there is even discussion of percieved value vs actual...

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Update from Regulator School in KY

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on April 26, 2017

Ken has the uncanny ability to make friends with just about anyone, doesn't matter who they are or what they are made out of.  Just before heading back home Ken wanted to give you a quick update on the results of his presentation to the...

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Regulator School

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on April 19, 2017

Ken has a special request for you today.  Could you please help provide feedback for State Regulators that Ken and Heather can share when they teach at the Regulator School in Kentucky next week?  What would you say?  What would you share? 

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Service as a Choice

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on April 12, 2017

HUD is removing some programs that we think are REALLY good! In fact we teach about them in the 8 Hour NMLS Approve CE class this year. So talk about being bummed by the news...but maybe there is some hope? Ken discusses a call to action and some...

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Special Announcement - Compliance Renewed

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on April 02, 2017


We are so excited for this next venture in our business relationships.  Congrats to Heather and the Knowledge Coop for this amazing partnership!  Here's what's going on.

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Is there a right way?

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on March 29, 2017


We have the pleasure to visit many clients throughout the year and get to know them better.  We've notices something that we think warrants a discussion.  I'll let Ken explain...

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Always Remember Why

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on March 22, 2017


Knowing Why you're doing something is very important. But below the Why there must be something deeper.

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