Free ACT Courses Have Been Released!

Posted by Emma Bowder on July 15, 2022

We have released three free ACT Courses as YouTube playlists! OFAC & Other Exclusionary Lists, Will it RESPA, and Flood Insurance Requirements are all available below and on our YouTube channel here!

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The LO Down - ARMS are Back!

Posted by Sawyer Jones on July 13, 2022

With the rise in mortgage interest rates, more and more consumers are looking for ways to bring affordability back into the home-buying picture.  One product to consider is ARM loans, or Adjustable Rate Mortgages.  These were very popular before the...

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The LO Down - Loosening ADU Restrictions

Posted by Sawyer Jones on June 29, 2022

Recently Freddie Mac did something kind of interesting. They released a guideline update for some specific changes to how they look at Accessory Dwelling Units.

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The LO Down - Rate Buy Down

Posted by Sawyer Jones on June 15, 2022

Rate buydowns provide a way to “buy” a lower interest rate than what the market is currently offering.  There are fees involved, but it could be a worthwhile investment if you plan to be in the home for 5 or more years.

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The LO Down - Prime Rates

Posted by Sawyer Jones on June 01, 2022

As the mortgage market fluctuates and interest rates continue to rise, you may be hearing more people talking about Prime.  So what is it exactly, and how does it affect the average consumer? 

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The LO Down - HELOCs

Posted by Sawyer Jones on May 18, 2022

A HELOC or Home Equity Lines of Credit is a second mortgage that allows the borrower to pull equity out of their home, without refinancing their first mortgage.  If a borrower has a low-interest rate on their mortgage but is looking to pull out some...

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The LO Down - CE Standardization

Posted by Sawyer Jones on May 04, 2022

From the outside, the fact that massive federal training requirements are placed on nonbank LOs but not LOs at depository institutions can feel a little unfair. But is it?

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The LO Down - Is There a Housing Bubble?

Posted by Sawyer Jones on April 20, 2022

A recent headline from the Dallas Fed seems to have caused many to worry over whether or not we are in a housing bubble. To be clear, we don’t believe that this is a bubble. We agree with the recent housingwire article on this subject that while...

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The LO Down - Bye Bye Refis

Posted by Sawyer Jones on April 06, 2022

Early this month, we watched as refis dipped below 50 percent, and with rates continuing to rise, many have declared the death of the refi era. Last year, rising home prices led to the highest level of cash-out refi's since 2005, with lenders...

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The LO Down - Love Letter Reprise

Posted by Sawyer Jones on March 16, 2022

"Love letters" written by potential home buyers are, once again, allowed in Oregon. While they are a common part of the home buying process, some in the industry view them as lawsuits waiting to happen. Did you use a love letter when you bought your...

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