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What Do You Hear?

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on May 23, 2018
Ken weighs in on the Laurel vs. Yanny debate, and how video can be a powerful tool for your business!
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CFPB dropping complaints?

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on April 18, 2018
Could it really happen?  Is the CFPB dropping their complaint roster?  Well, maybe.  According to an article I read out of the Scotsman Guide this might be a possibility.  The industry doesn't like them, the complaints are published before...
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Ken's Thoughts on KW Mortgage

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on April 11, 2018
Ken has some thoughts on the news about KW Mortgage.  If you've missed the news, Brian from National Real Estate Post has brought some information forward on the topic.  Ken shares some thoughts on this and why value can win over price, its...
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Reporting Identity Theft

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on April 04, 2018
This week the FTC released some big news on their blog.  Now you can report identit y theft on identitytheft.gov.  This is pretty big news if you've ever helped someone who that has been affected by this crime.  Hopefully, this next step to...
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Ken's Thoughts on the CFPB

Posted by Jenn Theone on March 15, 2018
As Ken tours Oregon with his 8-hour CE seminar, he takes a moment to share his thoughts on the CFPB, sub-prime and more. 
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Bread 'N' Butter Business Case

Posted by Jenn Theone on March 07, 2018
In this Weekly Update, Nathan brings in Lord of the Rings and Greg McKeown's book, Essentialism, to explain why doing less & saying no, can actually produce more and lead to better results.
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Tax Talk in Alaska

Posted by Jenn Theone on February 21, 2018

Let's get real. No one really knows how the recent tax reform will play out, at least not until it turns into regulation..

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Weekly Roundup: Feb. 23th, 2018

Posted by Jenn Theone on February 19, 2018

Learn how the nation is standardizing online notarization, how NAMB wants to outlaw trigger leads, and how Equifax is hoping to better secure our information with a new integration.

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Recruitment: Culture Fit Vs. Culture Add

Posted by Jenn Theone on February 14, 2018

Everyone wants to fit in, but isn't that just the bare minimum?

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Tax Talk in New Orleans

Posted by Jenn Theone on February 07, 2018

Ken's at the NMLS conference in New Orleans and something strikes him while he peers out over the city. Tax returns - Get them before they're gotten.

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