Compliance Training Sucks

Zillow and RESPA Part 2: The Details

Zillow is Facing Enforcement

Are Refinances Really Gone?

Update from Regulator School in KY

Regulator School

Service as a Choice

Special Announcement - Compliance Renewed

Is there a right way?

Always Remember Why

Don't Throw Eggs Just Yet

Don't Crash the Bus

14 Year Work-A-Versary!

Essentialism and Business Growth

The RESPA Storm is Brewing

Mortgage Lender Pays for RESPA Violation...We Told You This Was Coming...

Dorie's Promise Guatemala

Update From the Road

Take time to plan

Credit Reporting Companies Settle

50 Most Connected Mortgage Professionals - Ken Perry

Recruiting Challenge

Happy New Year!

The CFPB Releases Their 2017 Priorities

It's beginning to look a lot like...the New Year!

Politics and Mortgage // Decisions Today Affecting Tomorrow

Do You Mannequin?

Car Rentals and Customer Service

When Facing a Whale of a Problem

I've got a confession for you...

The Election Affect on Mortgage Industry

Issues with Facebook Advertising?

Credit Standards are Strict, is Change Coming Soon?

CFPB is on the hunt for HMDA violations

MBA 2016 Conference - 3 Takeaways for Everyone

Appraisals, Realtors, and Truth

The Emerging Borrower's Mindset

The CFPB Lost...What's Next?

Facebook Live - To Be or Not To Be

Takeaways from the Wells Fargo Case

From Washington DC to You

My Password // 1qaz2wsx?

Mortgage Industry // Better Together?

Market Disrupter Talk - Wednesday Video 8.31.16

Market Disruptors // Loan Officer Friend or Foe?

Live Discussion About Marketing, Shared Costs, and RESPA

CFPB and the Individual LO

Ethics and Victimization: Where's the line?

The Appraisal Paradox

Introduction to the Weekly Update

Procrastination, Homework, and CFPB Compliance


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