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The LO Down on The New TRID release

Posted by Sawyer Jones on May 10, 2019

This week, we tackle the New Worksheet regarding TRID, and an update to the Zillow RESPA Case.  



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Play To Your Strengths

Posted by Ren Reed on June 13, 2018
In this week's update: Nathan discusses how not strengthening your strengths can be a weakness and how your weaknesses, when strengthened, can weaken your strengths.
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Does Technology Beat the Personal Touch?

Posted by Ren Reed on May 30, 2018
Ken talks about his experience with two different hotels and what it means for technology and business.
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What Do You Hear?

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on May 23, 2018
Ken weighs in on the Laurel vs. Yanny debate, and how video can be a powerful tool for your business!
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Are People Backing Out Of Home Purchases After Not Thinking It Through?

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on May 16, 2018
Ken was on Facebook Live today, contemplating a recent trend and its effect on the industry and your business. Catch up by watching the video below! 
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How Do You Cover a Black Hole

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on May 02, 2018
Since 2015 the release of the TILA-RESPA rule answered a lot of questions, but also created more, and even created the ever theorized "Black Hole."  But instead of a high density heavenly body, this black hole was a weird undefined frame work...
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Weekly News Roundup

Posted by Jenn Theone on September 08, 2017

While not just having to get used to being back in the office after a long weekend, we in the Pacific Northwest also had to get used to ash falling from the sky. Aside from that, Ken's flown to San Francisco again to huddle up over compliance...

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How to keep your marketing compliant with TILA / RESPA

Posted by Sawyer Jones on September 05, 2017

1. Continue your marketing

It is important to note that you are allowed to give or receive things of value while doing business, they just cannot be with the expectation of business referrals, or the payment of expenses in exchange for referring...

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Weekly News Round Up

Posted by Jenn Theone on September 01, 2017

Along with our spritely Wednesday weekly updates, The Knowledge Coop in September will keep you refreshed on the basics of TILA and TRID, as well as keep you informed on any run-ins we see in the industry.

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TILA vs TRID - What is the difference?

Posted by Nathan Knottingham on August 30, 2017


TILA is the Truth In Lending Act which was passed in 1968. The act was designed to increase the standard amount of information available to consumers and thus promote informed use of consumer credit. It accomplishes this through requiring...

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